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The use of fat as a gap filler, is a very commented in recent years in most plastic surgery Congress in the main reference centres in the world. This is the discovery of stem cells that are exactly in the suctioned fat that are endowed with a great rejuvenating power facial and body. Can be used for face volumizing effect, withdrawal of grooves and expression marks, to improve the contour of the jaw, chin augmentation, Lip augmentation and addition of plastic surgery of the face. As well as correction of depressed scars, rejuvenation of the hands, refinement of outline of breasts and buttocks augmentation.

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How is the fat grafting?

Fat Grafting

The fat is removed by aspiration and crafted in a device that separates the fat from the blood, cellular debris and the serum injected, making a purification of the same. After this process it is grafted through fine needles.

The fat grafting is a safe procedure?

Yes! It can be done with local anesthesia, with or without sedation, and how fat is the body itself, there is no danger of rejection, being a natural product, with the largest possible biocompatibility.

What precautions should I take to perform the fat grafting?

The main care that must be taken is to look for a skilled professional, in case a trained plastic surgeon, for the results to be the more natural and stable in the long run. Another caution is to perform a blood test before the procedure.

How is post-operative fat graft fat grafting or?

The post-operative is quiet, without significant pain. May be a slight discomfort at the site of the graft that yields easily with common analgesics. Edema may occur that yields the first week.

The result of the fat grafting is final?

After fat grafting, is a 30 to 40% absorption of fat grafted by the body itself within the first year. The rest is a definite yes.

What are the locations that can be carried out the fat grafting?

The fat grafting can be used for volumizing effect around the eyes, improving depression and softening the look tired and improving the so-called dark circles. Very good to fix the furrow naso geniano, the famous and feared Chinese moustache, to outline the lips, increase the Chin. Can be done in the mandible, in the hands, in the large vaginal lips and buttocks with some encouraging results.

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