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Calves or the famous “calves” shapely, make a composition of the leg as a whole, leaving the more balanced and beautiful. But those muscles are considered one of the most difficult to obtain increased and definition in the academies. For cases of calves small, they grow, even despite a lot of exercise, or for those cases of asymmetries or striking differences between the calves, is indicated for plastic surgery to increase calves! This surgery aims the gain in volume in the region leaving the leg more proportional and more harmony.

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How is plastic surgery to increase calves?

plastic surgery to increase calves

The surgery is performed through inclusion of a silicone implant in the region of the calf. The incision is on the back of the knee, hidden in a natural skin fold of the body. Can a gain on the back of the cinnamon and medially, by reducing the space between the two legs.

How is post-operative surgery increase of calves?

The surgery lasts on average 2:0 and is performed under epidural anesthesia with sedation in most cases, rarely studying with pain, can lead to a local discomfort that yields easily with the use of painkillers. We recommend relative rest home, during 7 days. The points should be removed between 10 to 14 days, the patient returns to the social conviviality. Light physical activities and waxing are released from the first month post-op.

The calf prosthesis needs to be replaced?

There is no recommendation from the manufacturer about the Exchange. What must be done is monitored every five years with tests to check if there is no wear or capsule that harms the result. In the case of an Exchange, the surgery will be smoother, with less Comorbidities since the store for the inclusion of the prosthesis would be ready.

What are the recommendations for the surgery occurs with success?

Follow the guidance is as important as the surgery itself itself. The home of 7 days must be respected, the return to the Office 2 times per week in the first 3 weeks for dressings and care by the surgeon must be obeyed, after the withdrawal of points, must use on-the-spot more 15 micropore days, the use of a compressive stocking should be made by 2 months.

There is a risk of burst prosthesis?

The current silicone prosthesis is made of a cohesive gel, very resistant to traumas and hardly a trauma would result in rupture. The manufacturer usually say that it is easier to occur a leg fracture that the prosthesis break such the energy required for this possible breakage occurs. In short, the chance of that happening is very small.

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