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Factors such as physical inactivity, unregulated power and the natural process of aging, can lead to accumulation of fat in the thighs, especially on the inside as well as sagging and excess skin, causing rashes, by contact and friction of the thighs when walking and mostly a aesthetic dissatisfaction and discomfort as a result of low esteem and social insecurity. Just like physical exercises and a food change, even cannot get expected results of a contour of the leg more harmonic and a firmer and more youthful skin, plastic surgery of the thighs or crural lift may be right for you!

– Frequently asked questions about thigh Lift (Plastic Surgery of the Thighs)

What is the lift of thighs or crural lift?

Plastic Surgery of the Thighs

The crural lift is plastic surgery of the thighs. He has as main objective to make a remodeling of the thighs by reducing excess skin and fat in the region reaching a skin firmer and smoother, with outline of thigh more beautiful and proportional, in addition to dealing with the problem of any diaper rash.

What are the prerequisites to perform the thigh lift?

The main ones are a good indication, with patient showing excess fat and skin in the area that causes problems and most importantly is the patient being aware that the improvement of the contour of the thigh will be at the expense of a scar along the groin which in certain cases can give in and become apparent, depending on the quality of the skin of the patient and their habits like smoking.

The thigh Lift leave a very conspicuous scar?

The scar resulting from the crural lift will depend on the amount of skin and tissue will be removed. In small cases and moderates, the resulting scar follows the beautiful crotch and in some case may assign the move toward the thigh and becoming apparent. In the case of a large excess of skin and fat and in post-operative Bariatric Surgery, it may be necessary, in addition to the scar in the groin, another vertically toward the knee.

How is post-operative of thigh lift?

The surgery has an average duration of 3 to 4:0, under general anesthesia, requiring hospitalization for 24 to 48 hours. We recommend home home for 14 days, at which time the points are removed. Care with hygiene must be bent to avoid contamination. Social activities are released in 21 days and light physical activity and sexual practice in 30 days. Lymph drainage sessions are recommended because they contribute to the reduction of the edema (swelling). A compressive elastic shorts should be used for 12:0 am in the first 30 days and later 12:0 for 30 more days.

There is danger in thigh lift surgery?

There are risks inherent in any surgical procedure, which must be minimized through implementation of the crural lift within the technical criteria and of course made a good pre-operative preparation, in addition to thinking about joining this surgery with others. It is very important also, the patient follow the guidelines of the post directed by your surgeon.

When will I have the definite result of the thigh lift?

In the first months, the thigh will be edematous and the scar goes through stages until its maturity. Over the months with drainage sessions, this swelling will sagging and the outline if directing to the end result that happens between 12 to 18 months post-op.

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