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The breasts are considered the ultimate symbol of feminine sensuality influencing professional and in social life, in the style of a woman’s life. Changing the size of your breasts or even fall and flabbiness, end up causing a lot of discomfort and a fall of confidence and even making them more inhibited and insecure in sexual practice. Tits much increased in size can cause back problems, pains in shoulders and even skin sores caused by the bra strap that holds the weight of the breasts.

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What is reduction mammoplasty?

Reduction mammoplasty is the plastic surgery used to decrease the volume of the breasts by removing excess glandular tissue and skin providing a size more suitable and harmonious to the body. The surgery reshapes and elevates the breasts, making them prettier, outlined and firm and consequently with a younger appearance.

What are the main signs of mammoplasty?

Are indicated the patients presenting with excessive size tits, in cases of flaccidity and fall of breasts, with excess skin, very often with age or after breastfeeding.

How is the before and after mammoplasty?

Breast Plastic Surgery

Tits volume changes, which sufferers become smaller and more appropriate to the patient’s body, getting more harmonics as a whole. Regarding consistency, they will be less sagging, more rigid and high. The areolas and nipples will also be corrected in the same surgical time.

How is post-operative of reduction mammoplasty?

The post-operative is usually painless, or the patient may feel some discomfort in the area of the breast. The domiciliary home should be done in the first week. There are restrictions on the movement of the arms by the end of the second week, when the stitches are removed. The back to work and social activities should be around 30 days, the practice of physical exercises with arms around 2 months and 3 months sun exposure. The surgical result final if the one of the 12 months 6. Should be used a surgical bra by 12:0 am in the first 30 days and then for 12:0 for over 30 days.

How are the scars of reduction mammoplasty?

The scars are shaped like a “T” reversed and in the vast majority of the time is almost imperceptible if treated in a manner oriented with creams and silicone tapes.

What is the anesthesia used and how long the reduction mammoplasty surgery?

The anesthesia used is general anesthesia which is quite safe and offers comfort to both the patient and the surgeon and his team. The surgery has an average of 4:0 duration and period of hospitalization is 12:0 am.

A pregnancy can ruin the result of reduction mammoplasty?

The answer is Yes! However as there was a reduction in the amount of mammary gland is smaller, so the increase would be less causing little damage in most cases. Should the need arise, can be solved with a little intervention.

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