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The Brazil leads, according to data from the international society of plastic surgery, the ranking of vaginal rejuvenation surgery, also known as female intimate surgery. The surgery is largely responsible for bringing the self-esteem and confidence of women in sexual intercourse. Often a small lip hypertrophied trespassing of the labia majora, or a lot of Venus too high or pronounced, the so-called “camel toe”, can leave his wife uncomfortable about the own body, influencing on their resourcefulness and even disturbing sexual pleasure. For many women, this subject that can still be considered a taboo, are in intimate surgery an improvement in their quality of life.


What is the intimate surgery?

intimate surgery

Intimate surgery is vaginal plastic surgery, known as female intimate surgery. It is indicated for women who feel uncomfortable with their intimate appearance due to excessive size of the labia minora or even a mount of Venus too high. The surgery restores sexual confidence and especially the psychological balance of the patient.

Why vaginal rejuvenation surgery is little known?

Intimate surgery is a surgery that is being better disseminated and accepted by women each day, because many women find it difficult to admit that they want to improve the aesthetics of the vaginal region, but to notice the gain in self-esteem and self-confidence, this has been changing and becoming very popular among them.

How is performed vaginal rejuvenation surgery?

he surgery is performed through the reduction of enlarged labia minora, returning them to their natural position and anatomical. In selected cases is performed liposuction on pubic region, harmonizing the region and as a complement, a fat grafting in the labia majora when there is indication, giving a more youthful and attractive in the region of the vagina.

How is post-operative female intimate surgery?

The labiaplasty is a technically simple surgery, performed under local anesthesia and that has an average of 1:0. The can may be given high hospital on the same day. The yarn used in absorbable sutures are by the body, there is no need of your withdrawal or bandage. Around physical activity and sexual activities are released after 30 days of the procedure. The final result is given by the sixth month post-op.

There is a risk of losing the sensitivity?

Largely responsible for the sensitivity and vaginal pleasure is the clitoris. In intimate surgery there is no manipulation of the clitoris in time, thus the sensitivity remains unchanged. What may change is the sensitivity in Transiently labia minora, which returns in about 3 months.

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