A beautiful abdomen, lysinho , without sagging is the desire of most women!! Unfortunately, factors such as pregnancy, important changes in weight, age, can result in an excess of skin and adipose tissue in the abdominal region very difficult to be eliminated even with diet and regular exercise. For these patients, plastic surgery of the abdominal region or abdominoplasty is indicated.


What is abdominoplasty ?

It is plastic surgery of the abdomen. It is indicated for patients who have sagging skin and excess fat in the abdominal region, especially below the navel. It aims to improve body contouring, returning the proportionality and beauty of the abdominal region, valuing the female silhouette.

Should I lose weight before undergoing an abdominoplasty?

It is important to know that abdominoplasty aims to improve the contour of the abdomen and not to lose weight. The closer the patient is to the ideal weight, the result will be better and more harmonious. Thus, we always advise the practice of regular physical exercises and a balanced diet, which are strong allies helping and greatly the long-term surgical result.

What is done in abdominoplasty surgery?

In abdominoplasty, fat and excess skin are removed in the lower abdomen. The muscles of the abdomen are treated by means of a plication (stitches) aiming to approximate them and promoting a shaping of the waist. The navel is remodeled to adapt to the new shape of the abdomen, in a more harmonious position. A liposuction is performed as a completion of the surgery by removing the fat from the sides of the abdomen, outlining and thinning the patient's waist.

How is the post-operative period of an abdominoplasty?

The patient is admitted to the hospital for 24 hours. We recommend relative rest at home for the first week. The stitches are removed in 7, 14 and 21 days. After removing all stitches, the patient is released for social activities and work. Light physical activities can be practiced after 30 days and more vigorous activities after 60 days. A post-operative compression brace should be used for 24 hours in the first month and for 12 hours in the second month.

Will I be able to get pregnant after an abdominoplasty?

The answer is yes! Abdominoplasty does not interfere with the patient's fertility. What happens when you get pregnant after the surgery is that there may be a loss of the result of the surgery due to new distension of the abdomen, which can be corrected later by a new intervention.

How are the scars of abdominoplasty?

The scar resulting from plastic surgery on the abdomen is horizontal and located just above the pubic hair implantation and extends laterally depending on the amount of skin and fat removed. It is a scar planned to be hidden inside the swimsuits.

How long does it take to achieve the definitive result in an abdominoplasty?

In the first months after surgery, there is a swelling of the organism that masks the result of the surgery. This edema subsides around the sixth month after surgery and the final result is around 12 months.