In the "butt" country, where the outline of the gluteal region is valued so much, plastic surgery to increase the buttocks is increasingly conquering Brazilians. The country is the absolute leader in the world ranking of gluteoplasty, known as silicone implant surgery in the buttocks. With the advancement of surgical techniques and also of silicone prostheses, we have achieved a very natural and safe result, giving the chance to people who do not were born with the genetics of the upturned and hard glutes that do not achieve a significant gain in the gyms, of achieving the gluteus of dreams! The procedure can be performed by men and women who want to increase and improve the contour and consistency of the region, which is considered the national passion! - Common questions

What is augmentation gluteoplasty?

Augmentation gluteoplasty is the plastic surgery of the gluteus that consists of the inclusion of a silicone implant in the gluteal region, generating an increase and a consequent improvement in the contour and consistency of the glutes, which become more rigid (harder) and more projected. It is indicated for men and women who wish to increase the gluteal region.

How is the post-operative period of gluteoplasty?

Gluteoplasty is a surgery that lasts an average of 2 hours and the patient is hospitalized for 24 hours until home discharge. In the first 7 days, mild to moderate pain is common, which subsides with the use of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs. It is allowed to sit on the prosthesis already in the immediate postoperative period. The stitches must be removed in 15 days. The return to social activities in 21 days and physical activities 60 days.

How are the scars of gluteal silicone implant surgery?

The scar resulting from gluteoplasty is very discreet and almost imperceptible. It is positioned in the inter gluteal groove, that is, between the two buttocks, in an area hidden by the bikini and disguised by the natural gluteal groove. The size of the scar is the smallest possible for the passage of the prosthesis, approximately 5 cm.

What changes in the glutes after the inclusion of the prosthesis?

After the inclusion of the prosthesis, the glutes become enlarged, more projected, with a more beautiful and harmonic contour and with a firmer and harder consistency. The surgery aims to improve the proportionality of the body, seeking a balance between the volume of the buttocks and the size of the patient's trunk.

When will I achieve the final result with gluteoplasty?

The first two months are the ones with the greatest edema that progressively decrease until the sixth month, when the final result occurs. Before that, you can have a good idea of ​​how it will look and the patient will feel happier with the immediate result. At the end of the second month it can be said that we will have 70% of the final result and it reaches 100% at the end of the sixth.

Is the result achieved natural or is it still artificial like those famous in Carnival?

Currently, the technique used in gluteoplasty surgery has much more natural results than 5 years ago. In the past it was used to place the implant under the skin and that left it marked and very artificial. Nowadays, this technique has changed and we used the implant inside the gluteal muscle, eliminating the problem of marks and the displacement of the prosthesis when the patient contracts the gluteus. The result is a more beautiful, firm and very natural gluteus.