According to data from the international plastic surgery society, Brazil leads the ranking of vaginal rejuvenation surgery, also known as female intimate surgery. Surgery is largely responsible for restoring women's self-esteem and confidence in sexual intercourse. Often a small hypertrophied lip exceeding the limits of the big lips, or a lot of very high or pronounced venus, the so-called "beetle hood", can make women uncomfortable in relation to their own bodies, influencing their resourcefulness and even hindering sexual pleasure. For many women, this subject, which can still be considered a taboo, finds in nymphoplasty an improvement in their quality of intimate life. - Frequently Asked Questions

What is nymphoplasty?

Nymphoplasty is vaginal plastic surgery, known as female intimate surgery. It is indicated for women who feel uncomfortable with their intimate appearance due to the excess size of the small lips or even a lot of very high venus. Surgery returns sexual confidence and, above all, the patient's psychological balance.

Why is vaginal rejuvenation surgery little known?

Nymphoplasty is a surgery that has been better disseminated and accepted by women every day, as many women have difficulty admitting that they want to improve the aesthetics of the vaginal region, but when they notice the gain in self-esteem and self-confidence, this has been changing and becoming very popular with them.

How is vaginal rejuvenation surgery performed?

The surgery is performed by reducing the small hypertrophied lips, returning them to their natural and anatomical position. In the selected cases, liposuction is performed in the pubic region, harmonizing the region and as a complement, a fat graft on the labia majora when indicated, giving a more youthful and attractive appearance in the vagina region.

How is the post-operative period of female intimate surgery or nymphoplasty?

Nymphoplasty is a technically simple surgery, performed under local anesthesia and lasting an average of 1 hour. Discharge can be hospitalized on the same day. The threads used in the suture are absorbable by the body, with no need for its removal or dressing. Back to physical activities and sexual activities are released after 30 days of the procedure. The definitive result occurs around the sixth postoperative month.

Is there a risk of losing sensitivity?

The main responsible for vaginal sensation and pleasure is the clitoris. In nymphoplasty there is no manipulation of the clitoris at any time, so the sensitivity remains unchanged. What can temporarily change is the sensitivity in the small lips, which returns in approximately 3 months.