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Patients coming from other cities and other countries should follow some recommendations:

– In the first contact by e-mail we ask to specify the type of surgery, pictures are highly recommended, always detailing the region of interest.

– Before coming to Rio de Janeiro, patients must send tests results requested by the surgeon.

– A query is essential before surgery.

– To avoid the risk of thrombosis patients who are on flights lasting more than 4 hours must wait 48 hours before undergoing the procedure.

– Every surgery has its specific time of recovery that must be respected, the anticipated return of the patient to his city may compromise the quality of surgical work.

– A team specializing in post-operative care can be hired to monitor the patient.

Patients coming from other countries must be informed by the Consulate of Brazil about the requirement of a visa for each country.

A list of hotels in Rio de Janeiro can be found on the website

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