Non-Surgical Procedures – Chemical Peel

The peeling is a treatment that consists of applying a chemical skin acid which has the characteristic of doing a renewal of skin cells. These substances may act provided the more shallow layer (epidermis) to the deeper layers (papillary dermis) and that destroys the old cells and forces the body to produce new cellular layers. The result is a renewed skin without staining or with an attenuation of stains and more youthful.

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What is chemical peel?

chemical peel

Peeling is a medical procedure that serves to renew the skin and treat numerous problems. Comes from the English word meaning “Peel, peel” having its action in skin cell renewal. The depth of peeling action, will depend on the type of acid, skin exposure time and concentration of the substances.

What are the indications for the use of the chemical peel?

The main indications are in your rejuvenating effect, giving more brightness and freshness to the skin, eliminating wrinkles fine wrinkles and even the deepest. Removes stains and brightens the skin spots epidermal. Can also be used in the treatment of acne scars successfully and in the treatment of stretch marks.

How is the chemical peel?

The peeling is can be accomplished at the Office of a plastic surgeon or dermatologist and a cream containing an acidic substance that will stay for a certain time depending on the depth you want to achieve on average 20 minutes. To achieve best results skin must be prepared 15 days prior to the procedure with a pre peeling cream that helps to avoid possible unwanted effects such as burns or hyperpigmentation.

What precautions should I take after peeling?

The main care that must be taken is to avoid sun exposure during 30 days to prevent the formation of stains. It is fundamental to the daily use of sunscreen should be used always, at all times. The Sun is the most important cosmetic for anyone, of any age, gender or skin color. The factor must be at least 30 and reapplied to each 4:0. The face should be washed with mild soap for a period of seven days after the procedure.

What are the contraindications to the use of the chemical peel?

Patients who have any skin condition or active infection should not be subject to peeling. Patients who are or were in use of medicines based on isotretinoin (Roacutane) last year, are also against using nominees peeling. In the case of patients who have herpes inactive, shall first be treated with antiviral medication (acyclovir).

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