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The sculptra is a new product, widely circulated in the United States and that is bringing to Brazil! This is a product that has the property of stimulate the formation and renewal of collagen in our skin. It can be used in the volumizing effect of face and skin sagging treatment of both the face and the body, being very effective in the treatment of such dreaded cellulite on the legs and buttocks of the patients. The result is a firmer skin and natural, a face look younger and healthier and more homogênios contoured legs free of depressions that plague the lives of many patients.

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What is Sculptra?

application of Sculptra

Sculptra is a revolutionary product composed of poly-L-lactic acid, used in injectable form, and which has been used very successfully to improve the quality of the skin, indicated especially to treat sagging in several areas of the body like arms, buttocks and thighs, decreasing the cellulite in these areas and making the skin firmer. Used to replenish the loss of fat from the face, common in HIV patients, leaving the face more volumizada and correcting the depressions.

What are the main benefits of using Sculptra?

One of the main advantages is the fact of being completely absorbed by the body after a period of 18 to 24 months. Because it is biocompatible, does not present risk of allergies or reactions such as the formation of granulomas. Is a product of easy application and very safely for the patient.

How many sessions of Sculptra.

The number of sessions varies according to the indication of each patient. May vary from one to three sessions, but in the vast majority of cases the expected result is achieved in the third session. Sessions are scheduled in a 30-day interval between applications. The difference between the before and after is impressive, leading to a substantial improvement of the quality of the skin.

How is the application of Sculptra?

The Sculptra is applied through a needle. Anesthetic cream is applied 30 minutes before the procedure and compresses with ice, which makes it an application without pain, because in addition to the product there is an anesthetic in their preparation.

Which should I take care after application of Sculptra?

It is important to avoid sun exposure for 7 days after the procedure and if you do use sunscreen protection factor greater than 30. We recommend that first week after the procedure, massage the treated area 2 times a day during 5 minutes.

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