Breast augmentation surgery is in second place in the ranking of aesthetic plastic surgeries but performed worldwide, behind only liposuction. Historically, breast augmentation has already been carried out with different materials and today, with the evolution of silicone implants, great safety and confidence in the procedure have been achieved.

What is breast augmentation?

It is plastic surgery for breast augmentation through silicone implants in the breasts. It is responsible for the significant improvement in the aesthetic pattern and mainly a change in the self-esteem and posture of patients who feel more secure and confident.

What are the main indications for breast augmentation?

It is indicated for women who wish to enlarge their breasts. The main causes are: - Small breast volume or even absence of the mammary gland; - Alteration of the breast form after significant weight loss or after breastfeeding; - Correction of significant differences between the breasts; - Breast reconstruction after cancer treatment.

Does silicone implant surgery leave scars?

The scars exist but are positioned so that they are discreet. Surgery can be performed through incisions located at the bottom of the areolas, in the inframammary fold, or even in the armpits. The choice must take into account the anatomical characteristics of each patient.

How is the post-operative of breast augmentation?

The surgery lasts 2 to 4 hours, has a hospitalization period of 24 hours. The postoperative period is practically painless, but it can cause discomfort in the operated area, which easily subsides with common painkillers. Home rest must be respected for 7 days when the stitches are removed. The return to social activities can occur around 10 days, the return to light exercises 30 days and arm exercises 60 days. It is recommended to wear a surgical bra for 24 hours for 30 days and then for 12 hours for another 30 days.

Can silicone implant surgery affect breastfeeding?

The answer is no! The surgery preserves the architecture of the breastfeeding ducts, known as lactophorous ducts, thus allowing breastfeeding in a natural way, without restrictions, depending on the individual milk production capacity of each patient.

Do I need to change the silicone prosthesis periodically?

Today, modern silicone implants are highly resistant and safe. If there is no rupture or capsular contracture and the result remains satisfactory, there is no need for replacement as in the past.

What is the value of silicone implant surgery?

The price of the surgery consists of the silicone prosthesis, the hospital where the procedure will be performed and the medical team. The value of the prosthesis varies between 1800 to 2500 reais depending on the manufacturer. The hospital with CTI and all the necessary structure varies between 3 and 8 thousand reais. The medical team varies according to the number of assistants, anesthetists, instrumentalists, nurses and fees of the main surgeon. This should be discussed directly with your surgeon.