Dr. Adriano Medeiros Gomes

Born in Rio de Janeiro, on September 13, 1977 at Galeão Air Force Hospital. At the age of five he moved to Minas Gerais due to parent’s divorce. Until the age of seven, he could hardly spend time with his single mother, who worked 3 shifts in order to keep him in the best school in the area. During this period God blessed him with a new family, father, siblings and much love! By observing his stepfathers love and dedication towards medicine, he fell in love with the profession. At 10 years old he wanted to devote himself to become a doctor. After several attempts and much encouragement from his family who always believed, he enters the University of medicine in 1998 and six years later in 2003 graduated as a doctor! In 2003 entered the Brazilian Air force, where he served as a lieutenant in the medic unit until 2005 when he was accepted for residency in general surgery at Getulio Vargas State Hospital, in Penha. This was an exceptional learning period, taking care of a many gunshot wounded patients, as well as assisting the underprivileged people while acquiring experience and knowledge of a surgeon. In 2009 he was admitted by his master and mentor Dr. Farid Hakme in Hospital da Plastica, located in Botafogo where he studied for 3 years in plastic surgery residency, surpassing the record of number of surgeries by a resident in the entire history of the course. In 2012 received the diploma by the Brazilian society of plastic surgery after finishing his training in accredited service. He also worked 5 years as a team member, with his good friend, Dr. Paulo Muller; from whom he learned the art of facial surgery, one of his favorite surgeries currently. Nowadays Dr. Medeiros practices at his clinic in Barra da Tijuca where devotes himself to improve his patients quality of life and self-esteem. Constantly searching for improvement in seminars around the world.

Isabele Rios, Rio de Janeiro – RJIsabele Rios, Rio de Janeiro – RJ
NOTE MIL !!!! INDICO SURE SOME ! - I'm suspect to talk because he had a dream to operate which was held very successfully. I did not know any surgeon in Rio de Janeiro and the first consultation was already ...
Renata Bastos, Rio de Janeiro - RJRenata Bastos, Rio de Janeiro - RJ
The best surgeon I have ever met !! Concerned with making the best !!!
Livia Lemos, Rio de Janeiro - RJLivia Lemos, Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Yyyy to talk about Dr. Adriano !? In addition to physician has become a great friend ! How not to love who makes you beautiful !? Lol I trust him with my eyes closed ! And no longer live without the Goddesses factory ...
Gil Coelho, Rio de Janeiro - RJGil Coelho, Rio de Janeiro - RJ
You are top !!! In addition to a professional note 10000, can be a wonderful human being . Still rolls consultation with humor. We are together my friend !!
Lydia Melo,  Rio de Janeiro - RJLydia Melo, Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Easy to talk to someone overflowing love in what you do , reverberating in his team , resulting satisfaction guaranteed in their patients. So it was with me and my two daughters , from the first consultation which showed up, illuminating , dedicated , caring, perfectionist , going full security and credibility.
Adriana Ramos,  Rio de Janeiro - RJAdriana Ramos, Rio de Janeiro - RJ
A super professional ! Pass complete confidence !!! Attentive and detail ! And result is exciting !
Rafaella Reggiani, Rio de Janeiro - RJRafaella Reggiani, Rio de Janeiro - RJ
I appeal to the passion, the love , the dedication he has ! It is certainly one of the best. ❤

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