Dr. Adriano Medeiros

He was born in Rio de Janeiro on September 13, 1977 at the Galeão Air Force Hospital. At the age of five, he moved to the interior of Minas Gerais due to separation from his parents. Until the seven hardly saw his mother, who worked in three periods so he could study at the best school in the city. During this period he was presented by God by a new family, entitled to father, brothers and sisters and much love! From observing his stepfather's dedication and love for medicine, he fell in love with the profession and at the age of 10 was sure he wanted to dedicate himself to being a doctor. After several attempts, with much encouragement from his family that he always believed, he entered medical school in 1998 and six years later in 2003 graduated doctor! In 2004 he served in the armed forces, for aeronautics as a medical lieutenant until 2005 when he passed the residency test for general surgery at the Getúlio Vargas State Hospital, in Penha, during which time he learned a lot and cared for many people shot and needy from the suburb of Rio de Janeiro and acquired experience and tarimba as a surgeon. In 2009 he was admitted by his master and mentor Dr. Farid Hakme at the Hospital da Plástica, in Botafogo where he attended for 3 years the residency in plastic surgery, breaking the record number of surgeries by a resident in the entire history of the course and in 2012 receives the diploma by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery after finishing training in the accredited service. He worked for 5 years on the team of his great friend, Dr. Paulo Muller, with whom he learned the art of face surgery, one of his favorite surgeries today. Today he works in his office in Barra da Tijuca where he receives his patients with great affection and is in constant search for improvement in congresses around the world.


What our patients say

People what about the person who fulfilled one of his greatest dreams?! I met Dr. Adriano in 2015 and at the first contact I already felt that it was different. His consultation is a friend's conversation, the one that makes you feel free to ask, ask and ask... and look i'm good at it, rs rs rs As I work with my image and on television, which does not accept errors, it took me a while to find the person who could give that up in my nose. With Adriano I had no doubts, created courage and set up the surgery. With Dri's clinical eye he still saw prospects of improving the eye area and there we went. Quiet surgery and recovery show. In twenty days I was already back to work and live! After the surgery, my self-esteem is upstairs!!! That's why I can't thank this wonderful doctor who's become a buddy! Let the next ones come!!!

Isabele Rios
Rio de Janeiro – RJ

NOTE MIL!!!! I INDICATE WITHOUT ANY DOUBT! - I'm suspicious to speak because I had a dream of operating that was accomplished very successfully. I did not know any surgeon in RJ and in the first consultation I was already delighted by adriano's work, besides a wonderful professional became a great friend. Thank you for caring Dri, very successful. It will always be my first nomination!

Jade Seba
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

The best surgeon I've ever met! Worried about doing the best!!!

Renata Bastos
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Aaaa what to say about Dr. Adriano!? Besides doctor has become a great friend! How can you not love those who make you beautiful? Rsrsrs trust him with his eyes closed! And I don't live without the Gods factory anymore... Thank you for everything! For sure today I am a much more confident woman, with self-esteem up there, and happy happy!

Livia Lemos
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

You're top!!! Besides a professional note 10000, manages to be a wonderful human being. Still rolls consultation with humor. We're together, my friend!

Gil Coelho
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Easy to talk about someone who overflows love in what he does, reverberating in his team, resulting satisfaction guaranteed in his patients. It was like this with me and my two daughters, from the first consultations to which he showed himself, enlightening, dedicated, attentive, perfectionist, passing total security and credibility.

Lydia Melo
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

A super professional! Give me complete confidence!!! Attentive and detailed! And result is enthralling!

Adriana Ramos
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

I'm charmed by the passion, the affection, the dedication he has! I'm sure he's one of the best. ❤

Rafaella Reggiani
Rio de Janeiro - RJ