The market for botulinum toxin has been growing a lot in recent years. In Brazil it is the most desired product by most women and moves millions of reais every year. The best known and respond by the names of Botox and Dysport. They act mainly by paralyzing the muscles of the face, especially the forehead region, softening the dreaded expression marks and also around the eyes, putting an end to the well-known crow's feet! It can be used as a way to prevent wrinkles, giving more longevity to a skin without marks. Many consider botox to be a youth formula! - Frequently Asked Questions

How does botulinum toxin work in our bodies?

Botulinum toxin works by preventing the passage of the electrical impulse between the nerve and the muscle. With that, the muscle is paralyzed. The use of botox in the field of aesthetic medicine is due to the fact that dynamic wrinkles (those that occur when we move the face) are produced by muscle contraction. Therefore, by paralyzing the muscles that produce these wrinkles, there will be no more formation of wrinkles for the duration of the product's action.

When should we start using botox?

There is no predetermined age to start using this product. It can be used from a very young age (20 years), in the case of very expressive patients, who use the forehead muscles a lot and make dynamic wrinkles, as a way to prevent the formation of permanent wrinkles (those that remain even without making muscle contraction) or in middle-aged or even older patients as a way to rejuvenate the face, either in isolation or complementing the result of plastic surgery.

In which regions of the face can botulinum toxin be used?

Botulinum toxin can be used safely on the face in the following regions: in the frontal region (expression lines on the forehead), around the eyes, treating the wrinkles known as crow's feet, between the eyebrows, treating the creases that affect this region , used in the region below the eyebrow in order to raise its tail a little, which indicates youthfulness, wrinkles around the mouth and lips and finally treating and smoothing the wrinkles around the neck and neck.

Is it true that botox removes the expression from the face?

Botulinum toxin can leave the face without expression, so the patient should seek a plastic surgeon or dermatologist, so that the product is applied correctly, in order to make the person look younger, but without compromising their facial expression. . An application made in adequate doses, improves the skin, reduces wrinkles and returns the most youthful features to the face naturally.

Is the application of botox painful? How long does the effect last?

No. The application is made after the use of a topical anesthetic and local ice that is left to act for approximately 20 minutes before performing the procedure. What is felt is a slight discomfort in the region where the needle is inserted, but totally bearable. The effect occurs between 2 to 10 days and lasts an average of 4 to 6 months.

What precautions should we take after applying the botulinum toxin?

The main precautions must be taken in the first 4 hours after the application of botox. We recommend that the patient does not lie down during this period to avoid migration of the product to another muscle not programmed to be paralyzed. The patient is left with a micropore dressing in the applied area and cannot do physical activities on the same day.